Nibiru Pithouse Society 40-Day Food Survival/Thrival List

Nibiru Pithouse Society

Nibiru Pithouse Society 40-Day Food Survival/Thrival List

Well, it might be time for society to collapse… it seems there is flooding going on, there are big time earthquakes, there is a magnetic wobble of our planet, which has also recently changed shape… the world of 3D is dissolving, we can feel it… there is a new world being born, but it hasn’t grounded itself yet, there a time in between where things are likely to get chaotic.

In short, the odds are much higher that things will collapse, than that they will remain the same… don’t you agree?

And we are not even adding Nibiru to the mix yet… most people are not prepared for passing of Nibiru, which is said by the Zetas, to be the most extreme situation in 50000 years…

Even if our society was service-to-others, instead of service-to-self, Nibiru alone would cause things to fall apart…. shall…

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