Nibiru…..Our Story Together Unfolds

This is a story of the coming together in LOVE. As our Mother Earth is cleansing herself and gently urging her children to do the same, we find our(soul)selves becoming immersed in the river that is life. What a joyous time to BE-alive with all the wonderful energies that are flowing.

So, what does that have to do with Nibiru? Well, thanks to some very intelligent beings, that took great care in preserving the true history of our Mother Earth and what they could perceive from the skies in times past.

We have the luxury of a heads-up, so to speak, our indigenous cultures have passed down the information orally for many generations. I am one, so grateful for their stubborn will to keep the history alive. As a previous post reminds of Kokopelli, and the faithful ones who never fail to heed the stories of old, the Hopi people, the faithful ones who never fail to follow the signs and do what is necessary to preserve the human race and our true history. Lets not forget Noah, a simple man that knew, without knowing, what he must do and                        so he did.

NOW is the time to recognize this simple knowing and pursue it with every fiber of our BE-ings and so begins the unfolding of our love story, our chapter in this book of life. Time is dissolving and our past is our present…….our future…….our NOW.

Let us be wise together. Let us embrace the truth in our history. Let us begin to listen with our hearts, as we are not going back to the old ways, the old ways are coming back to us and so it is our responsibility to embrace what Mother Earth is asking of US….individually! May your walk be sacred and peace….full!



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