I am sharing this in 3 parts as it is very large ALL credit goes to the original author(s). Of which I am none, therefore this is my copyright disclaimer. PLEASE use discernment and research the history for yourself.


We will start off rather gently, which isnt my M.O… but rather for your sake. Please note that I didnt make this stuff up! I just Prove THE OBVIOUS ONCE IT IS KNOWN! So if you happen to disagree with historical fact, trust me, you’ll find out whats REALLY been going on in the world ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. THE LIE GOES FAR DEEPER THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE….Its better to find out from me, than under less suitable circumstances. THIS ARTICLE WILL MAKE DA VINCI CODE LOOK LIKE KINDERGARTEN CHILDS PLAY! 

The premise of this article will prove to you that the ANCIENT ROMAN EMPIRE, who is responsible for the murder of the Christ, is the very same EMPIRE that now dictates ALL MODERN WESTERN RELIGION through the Vatican’s pompous, pious, lavish and decadent seizure of all global commerce, world governments and social systems…. so PLEASE STAY WITH ME HERE, ITS A DISCOVERY THAT WILL SET YOUR SOUL FREE FOREVER, I PROMISE! If you only but take the TIME AND COURAGE to do so. 

NEW information DOES NOT DISPROVE THE EXISTENCE OF THE CREATOR, only what we know the Creator to be. So put on your armor of God if you must, and take my hand as we walk this journey together. EVERYTHING in this article is VETTED by many different cited sources AND PROVEN TO BE TRUE FROM MANY DIFFERENT ANGLES…. WITHOUT QUESTION. I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELF!! 

SIDE NOTE: this is NOT the AUTHORIZED version of HIS-story, which means it is NOT the version APPROVED by the Church and State (Illuminati Priesthood). So if you’re a theologian, this is what they would NEVER teach you in THEIR controlled Institutions… MAKE SENSE?? It must remain HIDDEN (occulted) in order to keep the power in the hands of the Elite.



Most members who pay generously to the Church, will claim that they say Amen at the end of prayer because it means, “so be it,” the very same as “so mote it be” in occult (hidden) teachings. Unfortunately they overlook something very important. Amen, Amen-Ra is the Egyptian Sun God. So every time they say Amen, they are paying homage to the Egyptian Sun God.

In Revelation, Jesus is portrayed as Amen where it says “these things say the Amen”, the faithful and true witness. In Matthew, it says Jesus as a child was taken to Egypt to fulfill the prophecy, “out of Egypt have I called my son”.

The Amen was called out of Egypt. Jesus as the Amen Sun God is described in scripture as having a life that duplicates the signs of the Zodiac. Born of Virgo the virgin in September. Crucified on Crux the Southern Cross in December. Three days in the tomb of the winter solstice Dec 22, 23rd and 24th. Reborn out of the solstice tomb on Dec 25th. Enters the waterman Aquarius in February. Selects his disciples from FISHer-men, in March, Pisces the FISH! Becomes the Lamb of God in April in Aries the LAMB! Sits at the East or right hand of power, June 21 Summer solstice. Ends His work in August as Leo the Lion of Judah. But there’s more… And it is in you! THE CHRIST WITHIN YOU! >>

Every opening in the human brain, through which the elements of life constantly flow, has a unique name. Those openings, in the medical dictionary are called FORAMEN.

Yes they are for Amen!! >>> ….For the life within you that flows in harmony with the universal power of electro magnetism is the power of Light! The power of the sun. The Sun within you!! 

And everybody said AMEN! ;)

                          ETYMOLOGY (study of the TRUE SENSE) of AMEN:– credit to Truthiracy films

Aside from originating from the ancient Egyptian (Khemetian) sun god, Amun/Amin/ Amen Ra, meaning “the hidden God” and thus, the phrase “Amen”- in esotericism, means “Let it remain hidden/secret.” The very word itself, when broken down via phonics and Phoenician, etymologically means:
A– as in to NEUTRALIZE something…. (example: “Asexual, or Amorphous“) and –MEN stemming from the Proto-Indo-Eurpoean root *MEN– “think” (see MIND). MIND/MOON etymology:
So, Men/ Mens/ ment/ mind/ mentis/ mensis/ menses/ menstrual, also ALL have their original roots in Egyptian theology, all coming from MIN (mind), the ancient MOON GOD, which relates to our MIN-D, as well as THOTH (which is where we get our word THOUGHT) who was ALSO an ancient egyptian moon god/ the scribe who scribbles down the thoughts on the papyrus/paper!! So of course these words and theological terms always have roots in ancient sun/moon worship, which in turn, stems from the MOTHER OF ALL SCIENCES, which is ASTRO-THEOLOGY (the study of the stars and heavens as the ultimate study of God)!! 

So given this formula, A-Men at its very foundation, could also likely be perceived to mean “neutralize thinking (free thinking)” as in, “let it remain hidden/secret” Thus, we all say Amen without even thinkingand havnt a clue of the origins of words, other than that everyone else says it, and just follows the flock (possibly off a cliff, without the KNOW-ledge: “knowing where the ledge is,” just like the pied piper leading the blind mice).

To enter into Meditative Mind is prayer without the thinking mind, prayer from the heart / connection with All That Is as a state of being, is necessary to be in full communion, and yes, it can also be perceived to be “so it is” and… well…. SO IT IS! And so shall it be, until we KNOW for a FACT, what “IT” is…. (the unconscious mind!!)  

Truthiracy: House of Wisdom


Horus: the only begotten Sun (son) of God, aka the only Sun in the sky, whos brother Set, betrays the only Sun of God and has him executed, which gives us SUNSET, but the Sun is then Risen again and gives us such words as HorizonHorus is Risen, and in Spanish: Horas, or in English:Hours, “what Hora is it?? where is Horus in the sky!?” THE SUN OF GOD!! the Light of the world…. OUR ONLY LORD AND SAVIOR FROM DARKNESS of NIGHTTIME AND THE BITTER DEATH OF THE WINTER SEASON! THE SUN!


THE CHARACTERS ARENT LITERAL, THEY ARE LITERARY, ALLEGORICAL, METAPHORICAL, thats why we refer to them as Biblical CHARACTERS, just like ACTORS in a PLAY, just as letters and ancient pictographs are known as CHARACTERS, which are SYMBOLS that portray a STORY!! THE STORIES OF RELIGION ARE ONLY THERE TO TEACH US ABOUT NATURE, TO PASS DOWN THE WISDOM OF THE AGES THROUGH STORY TELLING, SO THAT IF THE BOOKS AND TEXTS GET DESTROYED BY ROME, THE WISDOM WILL LIVE ON TRHOUGH OUR CHILDREN, WHETHER THE CODED WISDOM HIDDEN WITHIN THE STORY IS APPARENT TO THE TELLER OR NOT! But the controllers of the world want us to THINK its LITERAL rather than LITERARY, so we OBEY and go out CRUSADING AND KILLING EACH OTHER OVER STORIES while they sit back and profit from our labor and procreate with our wives while we’re out at war, while they laugh at how stupid we are!! ROMAN EMPIRE: DIVIDE AND CONQUER! RULE THE WORLD! 


Again just as Horus and Jesus, the story of the SUN of God, as it travels through the Zodiac, who is said to be “crucified” and rises again on the 3rd day, which is actually Dec 25 of the winter solstice when the Sun is Born on the Ecliptic. His day is known as the Holy Day: Sunday, SUNS DAYThe 12 disciples are the 12 signs of the ZODIAC! The Cross is the Southern Cross constellation seen on the Ecliptic. This will be PROVEN, WITHOUT QUESTION, later in this article.


1492 goes down as the year that the entire planet was hoodwinked by the Roman Catholic Church YET AGAIN! During Alexander VI’s term the Christians were fighting the Holy Crusades against the so called infidels. The enemy that the church was fighting was the northward movement of Islam as far up into Europe as Germany. These Middle Eastern Islamics took control of Constantinopole in Turkey and threatened the stronghold that the Roman Empire and in turn the church had on the world at the time. Pope Alexander used the age old tactic of discrediting an opponent to weaken his position.

One major obstacle that faced Alexander and the church was the fact that Jesus, who their entire religion was based on was physically the same as the Islamics that they were fighting against. He was represented in all paintings, carvings and sculptures as the dark skinned man of Middle Eastern origin that he was. Nazareth certainly was in the Middle Eastern area that later came under the influence of Islam. How could they possibly convince their constituency of the wickedness of the enemy when their own messiah looked like them? Although the original Christians were certainly Middle Eastern people of color, by the time Alexander ascended to the papacy, Europeans had long taken control of the church.

Pope Alexander VI’s solution was to have every image of the real Jesus destroyed and literally had the Vatican gutted and redone. He commissioned Leonardo Di Vinci to recast Jesus in the image of his son Cesare Borgia with the express intent of passing off historical Jesus as European in appearance. To this day, there are armed guards stationed around the clock at the entrances of the catacombs to keep anyone from viewing the original wall carvings of Jesus in his legitimate ethnic representation. 

Don’t Christians realize that the images they have in their chuches and homes are portraits of Cesare Borgia?


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