February 2015 ~ Jamye Price

Beautiful this could not have come at better time for me, thank you;)

Infinite Shift

February has some interesting energy. I read 2015 as the Year of Creativity. There is a momentum of movement to 2015 that is inherent in the energy of 8 (2+0+1+5=8). In many ways the energy has started the year with a feeling of excited anticipation. We are in the midst of some intense astrology build-up, yet there is a positivity in February that is fascinating. We are in a Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, which started out surprisingly intense. We have an eclipse coming up in March with the equinox and the final (can you believe it?!) Uranus/Pluto square. Woohoo! Get ready for a ride!

Astrology is about balancing to the push/pull (the duality engine) that is calling you to your empowerment. This is why it always speaks to the positive and negative possibilities of any alignment, or the change that can result because of it. As you move into a…

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