If you don’t learn how to save seed, and put this into practice, you will not have a garden in the Aftertime. Starvation and even cannibalism are the alternatives, as described in this chapter of the Finegan Fine story called Zombies which describes city dwellers who wait to be rescued from starvation – a rescue that never comes.

Ahh yes…… I will share this as well ……….I am a strong advocate of gardening and preserving my own foods I have been doing this for years and I share my knowledge of growing my own garden and canning my winter vegetables with anyone that would like to know how…..as in this day you are truly eating poison if you rely on what is being sold at market…….my hope is others will learn from my example……..I cringe when I hear how much easier it is to go spend $.50 on a can of vegetables at the super market…..it might be easier but it comes with chemical preservatives and a loss of knowledge to the next 7 generations…….so I keep playing in the dirt because for me it is the right thing to do;)

Nibiru Pithouse Society

How lovely for these paid actors to wait… but we have reality to contend with… the one we are creating as we go…  soon with the big event so close…sitting on your butt any longer, ain’t gonna put peanut on the butter.

Pole Shift Cleartalk: Will You Be Waiting For A Rescue That Never Comes???

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