Resonating with Mother Earth


I am inviting all interested parties to attend a special ceremony in honor of Mother Earth and all who answer her call……this ceremony marks the founding of the Great Plains Chapter of the¬†NibiruPithouseSociety and with the lighting of our fires we are asking Mother Earth to bless this project and thanking her for her continued support of those that seek to live in harmony with Nature. We will be lighting our fires at sunset on the 22 day of February. We hope you will join us in celebrating Mother Earth and grounding our mutual energies in support of BE… one with nature. Thank you for answering the call of Mother Earth! For those lighting their fires please leave a comment and a general statement of your local region we will be creating a map with markers to show how many of Mother Earth’s Children are answering the call to return to Nature.

Please remember to extinguish your fire completely and be a responsible steward of Mother Earth’s resources! If you are not able to have a campfire due to your living arrangement or schedule joining the ceremony with a candle would be another way to add your energy.



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