Great Plains Chapter Nibiru Pithouse Society

After painstaking delays and administration nightmares. I am happy to share our little gathering and introduce you to our team.


This is Dietz founder of the Nibiru Pithouse Society. He created this project and he handles all gifts and financial donations.


I am Jennifer founder and co-creator of the Great Plains Chapter. I handle all of the administration and correspondence for our Chapter. As well as, over site of our upcoming youth project.


This is Tiffany our co-creator and materials acquisition specialist. She handles material donations as well as being a donator of all the concrete blocks for the base of our upcoming youth project.


This is Joseph our co-creator and construction manager. As well as being a donator of construction tools and materials for our upcoming youth project.


This is Jason our co-creator, he is building a Pit-house in Arizona. He has been gracious enough to share the building of his pit-house from the unbroken ground to completion, as well as building a pit-house, he is creating a sub-terrain garden.

Here is a short video of our campfire ceremony to mark the founding and creation of the Great Plains Chapter of the Nibiru Pithouse Society.

We are looking forward to sharing our upcoming youth project as it progresses.

Please contact Jennifer or Tiffany @ or leave a comment below.

Look for us @


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