Grand Canyon

American Rivers


Share your story about the Grand Canyon and what this amazing place means to you!



The Grand Canyon has inspired countless people from across our country and around the globe. It is truly an unforgettable place.

If you’ve been there, you know that sense of wonder that few places can rival. If you haven’t been there, you can still appreciate the value of this wild place that is one of our greatest national treasures.

The Grand Canyon is a special place that belongs to all of us. That’s why we are partnering with TakePart to share your stories and speak up for protecting this iconic landscape  

Right now, the Grand Canyon is threatened by massive developments that would devastate its wild nature, its beauty, and the health of the Colorado River. Threats include a proposed amusement-park gondola ride, to increased uranium mining, to potentially damaging groundwater withdrawals.

But the good news is, stories from people like you have a strong influence on your friends, your elected officials and key decision makers. We hope you’ll speak up about why the Grand Canyon is special to you, and why it needs protection.

Share your Grand Canyon story:

Please take a moment to share your story and photos. Help us tell the world that the Grand Canyon belongs to all of us, and it’s not for sale!

For the rivers,

Jeff Wiedner
Director, Online Community
American Rivers


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