I have been wandering the North American continent barefooted for 40 years now. It gives me a unique perspective on life in America that many others simply just ignore in our fast paced society. It is my mission to remind my brothers and sisters of the sacredness of this journey called life. I feel it is imperative for each of us to do our part in recognizing and reminding others of our spiritual calling and believe me I understand how hard it is to get over the societal programming. That is why I am creating this blog, to channel others that have reached their inner light and to contribute to the ascension of humanity as a whole. You the reader will find many others here including myself working on projects that not only help to heal our mother earth but her children as well.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. dear Wandering Hawk, thank you for following my blog of Elohim messages, I am taken by the work of the Sacred Walk you do, blessings to you, I am located in central CA near Big Sur, if you are in the area, please get in touch, I am of Cherokee descent on my mother’s side and am feeling again a pull to the indigenous Ways of Old

    in peace, daphne’/kachina*blue*star*


    1. Awwwwsome…..I too am a native born Californian, autumn of 1974 to be exact in the Sacramento Valley Area. It is wonderful to make this connection. I am not in the area as my family moved away to Maine when I was young and my travels have been far and wide. We moved back into the Sierra Nevadas when I was a teenager and lived wild on an old mining camp in Dobbins, California for several years before moving back to the city. My wild side took root in the mountains of California though I find myself in the Midwest currently living a more civilized lifestyle than I would prefer. However, I do follow the natural ways and teach my children the same, I have two teenagers both residing on the southern coast of Oregon for high school, another of my travels, my youngest just turned 4. Well enough about me. Did you ever live in the elverta/rio linda area? I went to school with a gal named Daphne we were pretty close! I am currently working on some community projects for my area. Have you heard of the nibirupithousesociety? I am opening a chapter here in the Midwest maybe you would be interested in collaborating via the internet? I look forward to hearing from you and feel a positive vibration from our communication. It is truly amazing to follow the tides of our natural state in this moment and I am ever more encouraged by the connections that are unfolding. My mother use to tell of a blackfeet descent on the maternal side and my first two children are descended from a blackfoot tribe around the Montana area. I truly cannot prove my indigenous bloodline but I feel I am indigenous and the ancestors are speaking to me so I follow. Many thanks to you for following the flow. Looking forward to following your future messages. This is truly a blessed time that has been spoken about by others that have walked the path before us, the universe is truly a majical wonder to behold. My given name is Jennifer Have a lovely day


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