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Crystal Caves Naica mines- Chihuahua, Mexico

I am reblogging this as it is a great piece of history on crystals and how they form.

2012 The Awakening

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The vortex path of Consciousness

This may be one of the best descriptions of energy and how it works that I have come across to date. Thank you for this and my readers thank you as well;)

2012 The Awakening

In this article, I will explain how Consciousness interconnects everything from the geometric pattern of the flower of life through the vortex path. The latter is the fundamental flow rotating on an axis line where life force, chi energy, the prana, or called the zero point energy is in resonance with Infinity.

The Ancient civilizations believed that the universe consists of a vibrating ocean of energy, the ether. Consequently, the world of matter didn’t exist as separate particles, but as the Alchemy of Consciousness, or the transformation of the ether resulting from a self organization of the ether itself through the standing quantum waves interferences.

The symbol of the spiral has been found in certain sacred sites, and shows the Ancient knowledge known by the Ancient ones about the manifestation of Consciousness itself. That’s a better understanding and sight about how Consciousness interconnects everything, and how it could be possible for…

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Our Stone Family

The Wisdom Of Gemstone Healing Through The Ages

ancient egypt king tut Moona Designs Healing JewelryThe belief that gemstones contain healing properties is as ancient as mankind.  For thousands of years leaders in religion and goverment, including priests and pharoahs, have written about gemstones as healing agents in humans.  The ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks, Chinese, and Vedic Cultures in India all have used gemstones in ritualistic, sacramental, and healing ceremonies.  More than 5000 years ago, Ayurvedic Medicine was incorporating gems and minerals with herbs to restore balance in patients with illnesses.  Ayurveda or “Science of Life” derives from the Sanskrit words “ayus” meaning longevity and “veda” meaning related to knowledge or science.  Being in harmony and balance with nature was the key to Ayurvedic Medicine and wearing or ingesting gemstones was used with other treatments to restore that balance in life. Roman soldiers wore Citrine on their chest plates believing it would protect them in battle, and Cleopatra always carried a piece of Chrysocolla with her as she traveled as an ambassador, believing in the gemstone’s ability to make one more sensative and tolerant of others.

During the Renaissance era, Paracelsus or Phillippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus Von Hohenheim,Paracelsus used gemstones to heal Moona Designs Healing Jewelry was a noted Physician and Alchemist who pioneered the use of chemicals and minerals in medicine.  In his words “there is only one source of health: the irresistible, wise, limitless powerful healer within us.  This healer has been weakened and obstructed through careless habits of living.  When I want to treat a person, the only thing I attempt to do is to restore the healing power within.”  Working to reestablish the balance of minerals in the patients body, Paracelsus would distinguish between the chemical and the elemental powers that reside within the stones, noting that the two work together to relieve symptoms and treat the cause of the illness to help avoid reoccurrence.

In recent history, mankind has harnessed the power of gemstones to run inventions such as watches, computers, and televisions.  Crystals have been shown to generate, regulate, receive and store electromagnetic energy and light.  Each gemstone offers a different wavelength that is attuned to different ailments.  Wearing a piece of jewelry, mindful of the healing properties of each stone in the design, is a great way to assist your inner healing mechanism.  Because the composition of the human body is around smoky quartz mineral Moona Designs Healing Jewelry60% water, placing a healing gemstone on your body will send electromagnetic waves from the stone through the water in your body.  All your water will succumb to the vibration level of the gemstones, saturating your systems with the healing current.  This is life force energy that connects all things in the universe.  You do not have to believe this to be true in order for this vibrational shift to occur, however, the intensity or “dose” of healing current will be dramatically affected by the intention of your thoughts, much the same way that a sailboat travels much better when there are stronger winds.  Get my drift?

Each piece of healing jewelry from Moona Designs has been constructed in our Carmel, Indiana design studio with certain gemstones and metals based on the potential healing properties of those components.  Please browse through our selection of necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earings, and rings to see what healing jewelry piece draws your attention.  Whether you are inspired by the gemstone’s function, the name of the piece, or if the beauty and quality of design is what appeals to you, let your inner guide help you choose.