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Revolutionary Beekeeping Box Harmonizes Mankind with Bees

Awesome invention ehhh;)

2012 The Awakening


DCIM105GOPROI don’t normally look at Indiegogo campaigns… but this one caught my attention. Blowing up a $70,000 goal with a massive interest, they have generated over 2 Million Dollars in a very short amount of time with this incredible new invention that has the potential to completely change beekeeping, agriculture, and many, many other industries all at once.

Meet “Flow”, a revolutionary beehive invention, which allows you to harvest honey without opening the hive at all, and absolute zero disturbance to the bees.

“Flow is the most significant innovation in beekeeping since 1852.”

Before now, I was never a person who would buy a beekeeping rig to make my own honey…. I can no longer say that this is true. After seeing this, I am in 100%, and am excited to have a beehive that belongs to the community that I’m apart of.

In the old days, beekeeping…

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Welcome to the March Gathering around the Pond, Sunday March 1

aisha north

Dear family of light! Time seems to pass faster and faster, and this upcoming Sunday it is already March 1, and at 21:00 Oslo time we will once again have our monthly Gathering around the Pond. This is what the CCs want to share about it:

“And so it is time for all of you to come together once again to make way through the ethers by way of organising your own energetic fields in such a way, the combined effects of it will once again be sufficient to move mountains out of the way, not just for you but for All. Let us explain. By now, you have become accustomed to the fact that this task that you have taken upon you, is one that encompasses so much more than what you see about you in your daily life. For you are not just here to set yourself…

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Who Dwells Inside The Earth?

Humans, as a species on earth with one of the highest population density, we are constantly changing our environment with no regard to how it is affecting the other species on this planet. Namely how we build our homes and communities. Who wants to live inside Mother Earth? Well, I have collected some pictures of our brothers and sisters that choose to dwell inside of Mother Earth to share with you today!



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Now that you took my virtual tour how are you feeling about the idea? Still not interested? Let me share some of the reasons why it might be a good idea to go inside of Mother Earth. We have a radiation problem in our atmosphere. Our ozone is depleting, Fukushima is spewing massive amounts of radiation into our environment, not to mention the extreme storms that are wiping out entire communities world wide in recent years. I do not want to be another doom and gloom, spreader of fear, but truly this is our present reality and so I choose to concentrate on solutions to the problems we are creating for ourselves……consider for a moment the footprint that you personally leave in your wake? Consider for a moment what the cost of powering your current dwelling really is? Now imagine how truly beautiful our planet was and will be again? Mother Earth has a voice and she is speaking to us! Gently reminding us that there is a sustainable way to use the resources that she so generously provides to us.

Extinction level events have already occurred on this planet, we are currently in the middle of one right now.

Earthen Dwelling EcoLodge Attracting Thousands Of Visitors From 75 Countries In Sweden, Even YOU Could Make One Of These!

Nibiru Pithouse Society

Earthen Dwelling EcoLodge Attracting Thousands Of Visitors From 75 Countries In Sweden, Even The Inexperienced Could Make One Of These!

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Another Dedicated Soul

2/20/2015 — Viewer Fundraiser + Mystery of the Earths tectonic plate movement SOLVED by professionals = THE ASTHENOSPHERE

by Michael Janitch

Something that I’ve been working on for the past 2 year has been proved by professionals!

This is twice in the same week we see something that I’ve been working on, be picked up by professionals and proved correct via experiments!

Magically, (like clockwork after I put out work on the topic), professionals have figured out that the movement of the semi-melted magma BELOW the plates in the Asthenosphere is causing earthquake unrest and tectonic activity.

Oh the irony of it all! Proved right on something VERY controversial yet again?!

Starting 2 years ago I began explaining to the world about how the Asthenosphere movement is the cause of tectonic movement.


If you like my research, please consider giving to my fundraiser!

Viewer support is needed!! I don’t sell anything, and do not charge for my information. I want to always keep it this way.

In exchange for all free work, I offer this donation option. You choose what you want to give, what you think my work is worth.

Secure link to give is here:

Many, many, thanks to all who give! Much love to all viewers/readers regardless of giving!


Over the past 2 years I’ve had so-called “professionals” come to my videos and tell me I need to go back to school to “learn more about the inner earth”.

As it turns out, they are the ones who are going to need to “go back to school”.  Or maybe just watch my videos on youtube instead, now that this is proved science.

Here is a graphic I made from last year from May of 2014 showing the movement, where it occurs, and explain WHY it causes earthquakes.

asthenosphere earthquakes may 4 2014

Above: May 4 2014, shows an example of earthquakes in the Asthenosphere Lithosphere boundary , which then displaced the plate and caused the entire Pacific plate to have a series of earthquakes.

From the study:

“Plate tectonics successfully describes the surface of Earth as a mosaic of moving lithospheric plates. But it is not clear what happens at the base of the plates, the lithosphere–asthenosphere boundary (LAB). The LAB has been well imaged with converted teleseismic waves1, 2, whose 10–40-kilometre wavelength controls the structural resolution. Here we use explosion-generated seismic waves (of about 0.5-kilometre wavelength) to form a high-resolution image for the base of an oceanic plate that is subducting beneath North Island, New Zealand.”

Main stream media report:

Scientists have long known that the Earth’s crust consists of at least 15 tectonic plates–continent-sized slabs of rock on the surface of the Earth that shift about to create mountains, volcanoes, and earthquake zones. But the exact mechanism by which the plates move has remained a mystery.

Until now.

A new study suggests that the plates glide about on a six-mile-thick hidden channel of “soft” rock located between the base of the plates and the upper portion of the Earth’s mantle (the layer of molten rock above the planet’s core), Live Science reported.

“The idea that Earth’s surface consists of a mosaic of moving plates is a well-established scientific paradigm, but it had never been clear about what actually moves the plates around,” study co-author Dr. Tim Stern, a professor of geography, environment and earth sciences at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, said in a written statement. “To work this out requires an understanding of what happens at the bottom of a tectonic plate.”

(Story continues below image.)
This map shows 15 of the largest plates.

To glimpse the underbelly of a tectonic plate, the researchers used dynamite explosions to generate seismic waves across the southern part of New Zealand’s North Island, which sits above the so-called Pacific Plate. The researchers mapped the waves as they traveled through the plate and then used the data to create what Stern called “the most detailed image yet of an oceanic tectonic plate.”

The data showed that the seismic waves slowed abruptly at the base of the plate–which suggests that they must have hit a hidden layer of jelly-like rock, Cosmos magazine reported.

The researchers hypothesize that the soft rock creates a slippery base upon which plates drift when they are pushed or pulled–though exactly what is doing the pushing or pulling is still up for debate.

According to Cosmos magazine, some scientists think that extruding magma or slowly creeping convection currents may push the plates apart. Others think that as a thick, heavy plate dives beneath a thinner plate, it pulls on the plate behind it–and the jelly-like rock found at the base of a tectonic plate may lend support to the pulling theory.

“Understanding this boundary between the base of cold, rigid tectonic plates and the underlying hot, convecting mantle underneath is central to our knowledge of plate tectonics and the very formation and evolution of our planet,” Stern said in the statement.

The study was published online Feb. 5, 2015 in the journal Nature.

Here is a video explanation of the Asthenosphere movement:

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Did the Government Give Industrial Hemp a Pass to Clean Up Radiation in the States?

I personally believe that no one has the right to make something natural an illegal substance and it is creating a real problem for our youth with all of this legalization taking place in our country. With that being said I would like to remind the good people of this country that you are voting with your wallet and continuing to do so just allows tyranny to take root in our country. A naturally growing substance should not be listed as an illegal substance so you can gain a profit from it when it is legalized for profit. Lets think about what we are doing by voting to legalize a substance that should have never been illegal in the first place………….HELLO

2012 The Awakening

Christina Sarich
NationofChange / News Analysis
Published: Friday 14 February 2014
Hemp has numerous uses and could replace many crops that require heavy irrigation and pesticides, but the most interesting fact about hemp is that it “eats” radiation.

Activists have been shouting they want an end to GMO foods for more than a decade now, and Cannabis Sattiva L. supporters have been at it for even longer, so why has the US government finally given farmers the right to legally grow industrial hemp, the non-hallucinatory, sister plant of medical marijuana?

It is safe to say that industrialized hemp should have been legalized years ago. With THC levels so low, you would have to smoke more of it than Snoop Dogg to get ‘high’ – and that’s a lot of Cannabis, it is ridiculous that it was classified as a drug at all. It has numerous uses and could…

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Nibiru Pithouse Society – Great Plains Chapter – Contact Wanderinghawk

Thank you Friend I am grateful for our connection and our mutual resonance on this very important project……..and so it is……blessed by creation and growing;)

Nibiru Pithouse Society

Nibiru Pithouse Society – Great Plains Chapter

Ok lets talk about Nibiru! There is a dragon rising in the southwest skies of North America. Shall we stand here in awe of it like a deer in the headlights?

It is time to start coming together as we make this great transition. For it is upon us and we must start speaking in a manner that leaves out the debate and addresses the real concern of how we are going to rebuild our society and what we need to be doing TODAY to prepare ourselves and our children for what is happening. I have children, I want them to understand that our universe is cyclical and that history is vital to understanding our present…

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“For Real”, Real Estate Investment In Noah’s Ark Times! Modern Above Ground Housing Becoming Obsolete Around Pole Shift Time?

Beautiful collection of housing ideas and I love the new template phenomenal truly phenomenal.

Nibiru Pithouse Society

“For Real”,  Real Estate Investment In Noah’s Ark Times!  Modern Above Ground Housing Becoming Obsolete Around Pole Shift Time?

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